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The crushing action in Ring Granulator is performed when material is dropped through the feed opening where it is struck, in mid air by the multiple rings which are being driven round by the rotor discs in direction towards the breaker plate. The rings are mounted on suspension bars and when the rotor is set in motion, centrifugal force brings the rings out against material to be crushed.

The material is broken and discharged through the cage bars or screen plates.

The rings are held in deep contact with the bed of material on the cage bars/ screen plates and they revolve with planet like motion relative to the direction of rotor rotation. This positive rolling feature provides a constant effective crushing action which in turn ensures a granular product sizing.


Rullitech Ring Granulator comprises of screen plate / cage bar steel box with an opening for the introduction of the material to be crushed set to one side in the top cover. A sloping breaker plate arranged, on a hinged cage frame is set to one side of the feed entry and a power driven horizontal main shaft passes from frame side to frame side, parallel to this breaker plate.

This main shaft carried in roller bearings from the box sides, supports a number of circular discs fixed at regular intervals across its length within the frame.

A series of bars running parallel to the main shaft, pass through these discs near their outer edges. The bars are equally spaced about the main shaft center and carry a series of rings which are free to turn on the bars irrespective of the main shaft rotation. Below the shaft, disc, ring assembly, called collectively, the rotor assembly, the movable cage frame is carried round at a radius marginally larger than that of the ring running periphery. According to the duty required the cage area can be left open or fitted with screen plates / cage bars and the entire cage assembly is set in close proximity to the rings by screw jack mechanism operated from outside of machine.

Rullitech Ring Granulators are available in sizes ranging from Rotor Diameters of 610mm (24) to 1220mm (48) and Roller Lengths ranging from 305mm (1) to 1220mm (4).

Ring Granulators
Ring Granulators
Ring Granulators
Ring Granulators
Ring Granulators

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